After years of buying, transforming and selling his own properties, Hubie formed 2scale to act as an owner’s representative and oversee construction and redesign projects. He has worked with many highly respected architects and his understanding of how people want to live is a key to his success.

Hubie Frowein has lived and studied all over the world, including in Paris, Sydney and Germany, and brings a distinctive international perspective to 2scale. At the same time, he is well versed in the intricacies of the local market after 10 years of living and working full-time in the Hamptons.

Hubie comes from a fashion photography and design background and has a finely tuned sense of interior and exterior space. He is able to provide valuable insight into transforming a property to maximize its aesthetic potential while at the same time keeping a firm handle on expense and building timelines. Hubie enjoys many referrals from customers and clients who appreciate his diplomacy, strong financial management skills and keen eye.

Hubie and his family live in the Hamptons full-time. He is fluent in German and a key ally for both international and local homeowners.

Hubie is also a licensed real estate agent and vice president of SAUNDERS real estate in Southampton.